Alpaca Ornaments

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Hand Made Baby Alpaca Ornaments

Alpacadorable Hand Made Baby Alpaca Ornaments They're alpacas, they're adorable, they're Alpacadorab… More info


Keychain Alpaca Teddy Bears

Measuring only 5 1/2" and at a fighting weight of 0.6 oz our little Keychain Alpaca Teddy Bears are small but … More info


Whimsical Alpaca Ornament

The Whimsical Alpaca Ornament brings its own star power to your glittering tree or any space needing a beautiful al… More info


Whimsical Alpaca Suncatcher

he Whimsical Alpaca Suncatcher comes with a sturdy suction cup for hanging on a window. Each features a handmade em… More info


Hand-Carved Wooden Alpaca Ornaments

These adorable Hand-Carved Wooden Alpaca Ornaments have been a huge hit. Hand carved from Basswood, hand painted with… More info

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