Alpaca Ornaments

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Alpacally Ever After Bride and Groom Set

If you think they look cute in the pic wait until you see them in person!  Bride and Groom sets! Share your l… More info


Keychain Alpaca Teddy Bears

Measuring only 5 1/2" and at a fighting weight of 0.6 oz our little Keychain Alpaca Teddy Bears are small but … More info


Hand Made Baby Alpaca Ornaments

Alpacadorable Hand Made Baby Alpaca Ornaments They're alpacas, they're adorable, they're Alpacadorab… More info


Whimsical Alpaca Ornament

The Whimsical Alpaca Ornament brings its own star power to your glittering tree or any space needing a beautiful al… More info


Whimsical Alpaca Suncatcher

he Whimsical Alpaca Suncatcher comes with a sturdy suction cup for hanging on a window. Each features a handmade em… More info


Hand-Carved Wooden Alpaca Ornaments

These adorable Hand-Carved Wooden Alpaca Ornaments have been a huge hit. Hand carved from Basswood, hand painted with… More info


Alpaca Fur Pom Pom Keychain

Soft alpaca fur ball with a keychain.   Hang on your purse of backpack.  You'll bebale to 'find' y… More info


Felted Alpaca

These fabulous needle felted alpacas are made entirely by hand, and stand 4 inches tall. Each little face is sewn and cr… More info

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