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Triangle Alpaca Shawls

Our impressive 100% alpaca woven shawl is the perfect mix of practicality and fashion.  This wrap is the perfect si… More info


Nazca Alpaca Cape

The Nazca cape is the perfect weight and length for all occasions!  The light weight airy chain knit solid colored … More info


Classic Vest

    This superb unisex vest is two vests in one, making it a great all season garment. This light and wa… More info


Moosehead Vest

Our Alpaca Barn Jacket is so popular we  decided to add the vest version of this famous design. Like the barn ja… More info


Blackwoods Zip Jacket

Bulky knit for warmth without heavy weight so it can be worn as a sweater too! Full zip front, side pockets. &nb… More info


Barn Jacket

Extremely warm for cold temperatures. This Barn Jacket is a must have piece for extreme weather. Lined with Faux Sher… More info

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