Felted Wool Soap Kits


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Looking  for a unique gift, a fun treat for yourself, or an entertaining rainy day activity for the kids?  Our felted soap kit is the perfect answer!

Why bother felting your soap? The wool acts as a gentle exfoliant and takes the place of a loofa or wash cloth in the shower or bath. It keeps soap from slipping out of your hands or slivers from washing down the drain. Don't worry about the wool coming off in the bath--as the soap shrinks, so does the felt! When the soap is finished, you'll be left with a small bag of felted wool. Throw it in the wash with your clothes and you'll get the perfect cat toy! No cats? Stuff the felted ball with potpourri or dried herbs for a unique sachet. Not interested in reusing? Then simply throw it out.

Everything you need to make your own felted wool soap bars.  Kits includes  hand dyed wool, two generous 3 ounce bars of our all natural soap & instructions. 

Colors & scents vary.



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