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Alpaca Pillows by Malpaca®
100% Pure Alpaca with Bamboo Cover

  Hand-Crafted Certified in the U.S.A.



We spend so much time and money cleaning and de-sanitizing the air and surfaces of our homes to protect ourselves from dust and allergens. But did you ever think of the item you come into contact with the most — your pillow? You may not realize that federal law mandates nearly all pillows be treated with toxic chemicals to make them fire-retardant. These chemicals also do a great job of trapping dust and allergens, so you breathe them in all night! There is a better way — Alpaca.

Sleep like never before, with these luxurious hand-crafted natural, chemical free alpaca filled pillows, covered in luxurious silky soft pure bamboo fabric. Ideal for severe allergy sufferers who may be sensitive to other natural fibers such as sheep's wool or feathers.




How is Alpaca Fill Different from Sheep Wool?
Alpaca fill is a great alternative to wool for many reasons.  People that are sensitive to wool may not have a sensitivity to Alpaca. Unlike wool Alpaca does not contain lanolin, which may hold microscopic allergens that some people may be allergic to. Our high quality Malpaca pillows are filled with 100% U.S. Alpaca fiber. 
The alpaca are raised in the U.S. in a natural setting and are sheared only once a year, and use no pesticides, chemicals or dyes whatsoever.   Alpaca is naturally fire retardant and chemical free, a great alternative for allergy sufferers that are sensitive to feathers or sheep wool containing lanolin. Alpaca is a truly remarkable fiber —  the secret is the rounded, hollow core of the fiber; it is breathable and regulates temperature, but its scales have a rounded edge so it isn't itchy like traditional down pillows.

Silky-Soft 100% Viscose from Organic Bamboo Outer Cover

The pillow cover is made from naturally hypoallergenic Viscose from Organic Bamboo which also keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Combined, these two natural fabrics provide the support of a down pillow with the touch of cashmere!  Similar in feel to cotton, viscose from pure bamboo contains millions of gaps and holes at the microscopic level giving Bamboo fabric the ability to wick away moisture - your pillow will stay dry and comfortable throughout the night. Bamboo fiber has been praised as “the natural, green, sustainable textile material of the 21st century."

Light Fill
Pillow SizesDimensionWeightLoft
Standard19" x 27" 2.5 lbs.*4"
Queen19" x 30"3 lbs.*4"
King19" x 35"4 lbs.*4"

Medium Fill
Pillow SizesDimensionWeightLoft
Standard19" x 27"3 lbs.*5"
Queen19" x 30"3.5 lbs.*5"
King19" x 35"4.5 lbs*5"

Full Fill
Pillow SizesDimensionWeightLoft
Standard19" x 27"3.5 lbs.*6"
Queen19" x 30"4 lbs.*6"
King19" x 35"5 lbs*6"

The natural fill will have more loft at first, but will compress slightly, after conforming to each individual sleep habit.  We consider these pillows to be medium/soft but supportive.

Light fill - best for younger children or for adults who prefer a flatter softer pillow.
Medium fill- preferred by most.
Full fill- the most full and firm support, great for the snorer who needs to be elevated, and also - popular in King Full size amongst our expecting mothers who like a supportive & safe body pillow.

Note: Our Alpaca pillows are made to order please allow 7 to 10 days for delivery

Malpaca pillows' design represents both the traditional hand-made style, and the contemporary foam memory pillow personality, having a more supportive, yet buoyant feel. Heavier than most pillows, it has a fuller body and is not as airy as feather fill. The natural fill will have more loft at first, but will compress some, after conforming to each individual sleep habit. 


To Clean Pillows

Care is simple:To clean & deodorize, place in sunshine a few hours. Yes, this really works!

Much like down feathers that occasionally sneak through the fabric covering it, you may see some natural shedding occur with the alpaca pillow. No worries, there's plenty inside!

We suggest covering the pillow with an all natural fabric pillow case to protect the pillow from soiling. Use any combination fabric blend of cotton, bamboo, etc., and preferably organic. This is extremely important to allow the fiber inside to breathe and perform.

 Certified Made in USA.

FREE SHIPPING ON ALL PILLOWS to Continential United States. 

Actual shipping charges will be added for Alaska & Hawaii.

Please email for estimated shipping costs before ordering.
























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Really helps allergies!

Really helps allergies! "I love so many things about this pillow. One of the things that really impressed me when learning more about the pillow at a recent trade show was that the alpaca has such great fire retardant qualities. In addition to that, I was told that because dust mites do not like alpaca, whereas they love down and sheep’s wool, using the pillow would really help with my allergies. It’s fantastic, is all I can say!"

Breathing Easier :: Jun 14 2013, 22:27 PM

The best pillow!

The best and most wonderful pillow I've ever seen let alone owned. "This is the most wonderful pillow I have ever owned and I've tried many different ones including buckwheat, cherry pits, memory foam, feathers and some from Brookstone's and who knows what else. I just love this pillow the way it feels, the fullness of it, can't say enough about how nice it is and it came in a handy tote. You just have to try one to appreciate the quality and niceness of it. Thank you for making such a fine product"

galeatherlady :: Jun 14 2013, 22:22 PM

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